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One of the factors that makes Zionsville so unique is the prevalence of local businesses as opposed to large chains. I believe that we need to encourage and foster that trend as small businesses are the backbone of our economy. Local businesses create job opportunities, increase local revenue, and improve the overall economic health of our community.


Zionsville's outstanding reputation as one of the best places to live in the country is an incredibly valuable asset, but we can't afford to rest on our laurels. We must also invest in expanding our municipal services and infrastructure to ensure that we meet the needs of our growing town. Police, fire, sanitation, and utilities are among the areas that need proactive plans at least a decade into the future in order to be able to budget for their future needs.


The environment is a precious resource that we must protect. I will prioritize environmental sustainability in our community. We can reduce our carbon footprint by promoting the use of renewable energy sources. We will also promote recycling and composting programs to reduce waste and increase sustainability. Additionally, we will work to protect our local water sources by investing in infrastructure to improve water quality and prevent pollution. By protecting our environment, we can improve our quality of life and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.


I want to ensure that all Zionsville residents have a voice in the future of their town. We need to diversify the thinking and politics of the town government to better represent the Zionsville of today and the future. I will do that by being accessible and accountable to my constituents, by hearing their views, and acting in accordance.  I don't believe that either party always has the right answer, but I know that a monolithic echo chamber isn't good for discourse or public policy decisions either. Zionsville is very much a "purple" town these days, and a universally Republican town government does not represent those demographics. I believe that adding myself and my three fellow Democratic candidates will help balance that to reflect the Zionsville of today.

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